What is a water fuel cell anyway?

Seems to be a debatable topic. Skipping that debate this blog will operate on the assumption that it is specifically the water fuel cell as developed by Stanley Meyer whom claimed to power a vehicle solely on water.

The claim is that he found a way to produce hydrogen gas, from any water, with significantly enough less energy than his VW internal combustion engine returned, while burning said gas, to still recharge its battery and power its hydrogen generator, thus, a vehicle that only needs to have its water supply replenished. Is this even possible?!?!

At first such a water fuel cell powered system seems to defy the laws of energy conservation in modern physics, it seems to be generating more energy than is being put in. Well the process of electrolysis Meyer used is special apparently. Meyer’s water fuel cell apparently relies on the energy contained in the molecular electromagnetic bond between the hydrogen and oxygen in the water molecule reflecting or resonating the voltage back and for between itself and a diode in the circuit until the bond is fractured by the power of the voltage and turns into hydrogen and oxygen gases. So the energy of the system lies in the water molecules resistance to being fractured.

The The Water Fuel Cell Research Group is trying really hard to figure out if Stan Meyer’s water fuel cell is possible, the world needs to know if this guy Meyer was for real.

Is Stan Meyer’s water fuel cell possible?

Please, comment opinions and ideas.


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3 Responses to “What is a water fuel cell anyway?”

  1. charles Says:

    Yeah, this thing actually does work surprisingly. I had my minivan installed with one of these water conversion kits. It wasn’t really that hard to convert my minivan to run on water, but you have to do it properly to make it work. I got this guide from online where it tells you how to do it and everything. The website was http://www.runyourcarwithwater.com. They have reviews on different guides and directs to the website where it actually provides the guides. I hope you learn something useful from the website.

  2. Lance Burnside Says:

    Not a bad set of plans charles. The techniques required to convert your car to a hydrogen petroleum hybrid should be well understood in order to be properly applied as stated by charles, if not properly done this can actually lead to the burning of more fuel! Most of the plans available on the internet are not actually using brown’s gas but in fact use regular electrolysis, this is not a problem due to the fact that the hydrogen does indeed seem to increase your fuel economy by allowing all the fuel in your cylinder to be combusted. This is not however the an answer to the question posed in the blog. Stan Meyer’s water fuel cell and vehicle were the intended subject of debate.

  3. AlexM Says:

    Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

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