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Stanley Meyer’s Water Fuel Cell and Water Fuel Hybrid Cars

July 24, 2008

Researching the water fuel cell or water fuel hybrid cars on the internet can be an extremely complicated process. These two things are not even the same thing. Water Fuel Hybrid technology is merely inspired by Stanley Meyer’s Water Fuel Cell Vehicle.

Stanley Meyer purportedly invented a car that runs entirely on hydrogen generated on demand through a special electrolysis process that generates HHO gas, Brown’s Gas, hydroxy gas, oxyhydrogen, or many other names apparently. The problem seems to exist in determining which of these names represent the gas produced with Stanley Meyer’s method and which hydrogen oxygen produced with conventional electrolysis. Some of these water fuel hybrid solutions available on the internet may use Stan Meyer’s concepts, though I believe most do not.

The most easily detectable differences between Stan Meyer’s methods and conventional electrolysis are that the water capacitor in conventional electrolysis is connected virtually directly to the battery while in Stan Meyer’s Water Fuel Cell Car the water capacitor was also hooked to a wave transformer and voltage intensifier amongst other apparatus. While Stan Meyer’s Water fuel cell hooked to a conventional internal combustion engines intake manifold to create a water fuel hybrid, would be more efficient, a hydrogen generator operating on conventional electrolysis should also have benefit to fuel economy.

The remaining problem is that Stanley Meyer created a car that ran purely off this style hydrogen oxygen generator and while a quick fix to help ones budget and feel better about the environment might seem nice, it is in all honesty too little too late. This technology must be pursued to the point of determining if what Stan Meyer said about his water fuel cell is true and possible, anything short is too little too late. Better than reduced carbon footprint, a negative carbon footprint is truly hope for the future…